Sinking Ship

jb1Defeat in a by-election in one of their safest seats. Falling to third in local opinion polls. Defeat in the European elections. Multiple leadership coups and challenges.

Unable to command the support of a majority of his councillors in the Budget, unable to count on the backing of a majority of his Party members in a ballot, is it any wonder that Jason Kitcat has decided to go down with the Green ship next May, as Caroline Lucas scrambles for the lifeboat along with the few Green councillors who seem willing to defend their seats at the local elections? As the good ship Green Party sinks, the council and the city should not get sucked down with it.

At committee meeting after committee meeting, we are now seeing anything that is difficult, anything that is controversial, postponed, delayed until after the next election when somebody else can deal with it. A funding crisis sits like an iceberg just of the prow. A secondary school places crisis and a housing crisis loom on the horizon. Growing poverty and deprivation hang overhead like storm clouds. Yet the Greens remain adrift and taking on water with apparently neither the strategy or ability to deal with the situation.

In the final stretch of this metaphor, it is Labour who will get the ship back on an even keel and negotiate the stormy waters ahead. We will get the basics like street cleaning, refuse collection and recycling back on track, restore confidence and trust in the council, and get the economy working for everyone.

One of our main priorities as a council will be to help the growing numbers of people, most of them in work, who are finding themselves increasingly in debt, increasingly reliant on food banks and drawn into poverty as falling pay and rising bills combine. Our city may seem prosperous, but for thousands the situation is becoming very difficult, and it is in response to our local cost of living crisis that we will be making a major policy announcement next week, setting the course for a Labour council administration.

If you want to have your say in the policies a Labour council will pursue next May, e-mail

Author: Warren Morgan


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