My Ethics

Warren MorganI’ve claimed no expenses since being elected as a councillor in 2003, I only take the allowances that are deemed to be appropriate by the local independent panel. Those allowances are published on the council’s website and are my sole source of income. I have no other employment, nor any financial, business or property interests in the city or elsewhere.

I am a Labour and Co-operative councillor, so am supported by both parties and their members through their fundraising locally and nationally.

Those wishing to donate to the Labour Party in Brighton and Hove are welcome to do so if they support our aims and objectives and do so only in their wish to see those aims delivered.

I will not seek or accept any personal donations from individuals, trades unions or businesses towards my campaign, and there will be no favours or special treatment from me as Leader of the City Council towards any group, organisation or individual – everyone will be treated equally on merit, and decisions will be made fairly based on the facts.

Councillor Warren Morgan.


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