Labour’s commitment to the LGBT community

Pride LabourSpeech to LGBT Local Council Hustings, Queens Hotel, Brighton 21st April:

I’m proud to be leading Labour into the local elections here in Brighton and Hove, to be a member of a Party which is, as we speak, launching it’s national LGBT manifesto just a few hundred yards from here, to be leading a team that not only includes a significant number of out LGBT candidates in target and winnable wards, but which has a plan to take on the issues important to this city’s LGBT communities.

A Labour council under my leadership will focus on equalities, community safety, neighbourhoods and business growth.

I am announcing today that if we win a majority, I will establish a Neighbourhoods, Communities and Equalities Committee, with a Lead Member for Equalities, to promote a safer, stronger, healthier city, a real committee, with decision-making powers and the teeth to tackle some of the problems that persist, to devolve power to neighbourhoods and communities.

We will take on and defeat homophobia, biphobia and trans phobia, push for stronger community policing, continue the work programme set out by the Trans Scrutiny report which I was part of, support LGBT run small businesses and more.

As our national manifesto being launched now by Angela Eagle says, nearly a quarter of LGB young people, and a half of young trans people have attempted suicide. That’s a tragedy and a scandal that we all need to address. I’ll appoint a lead member for mental health who will sit on the city’s Health and Wellbeing Board to take that on.

But I’m not just here tonight to promote our LGBT policies – LGBT residents and businesses need cleaner streets, roads that aren’t blocked for months on end with road works, a freeze on parking charge increases, a crackdown on bad landlords and rip-off letting agents fees and more.

We want to make major projects at Black Rock and Madeira Drive happen, we want the Madeira Terraces and the Aquarium Terraces repaired and reopened, we want to see Kemp Town thrive.

We are not just about getting rid of the Greens and stopping the Tories taking over again, Labour offer a positive and bold vision for the city, a city that works for you whether gay or straight, trans or cis. Give us a majority on May 7th, give us the chance to serve you for the next four years.

Find out more about LGBT Labour

Author: Warren Morgan


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